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Inclusive Cambridge: promoting gender equality



Personal and Professional Development

PPD provides practical and relevant development opportunities to support employees, both managers and individuals, across all staff groups to develop their skills, knowledge and experience to: support employees to work effectively together; build and sustain high performance; enhance wellbeing, and attract and retain a diverse workforce.

The PPD website includes links to :

  • a broad range of face to face programmes to support development in, for example, effective communication, fair recruitment and manager development  
  • processes and tools to support career development such as SRD and the self-assessment of behavioural attributes
  • initiatives and activities to support professional development such as secondments, mentoring and Apprenticeships
  • short and longer online learning modules in many areas from assertiveness to time management.

For any of these please visit or get in touch directly. To sign up for the termly PPD update and calendar please visit


Understanding Unconscious or Implicit Bias

This online training module introduces implicit bias and the impact it can have. It will give you the opportunity to think about situations where your own unconscious bias might affect your ability to make objective decisions or judgements. University staff can log onto the Moodle Training Site here.


Springboard is a personal development programme open to all female staff/graduate students. It will give you the opportunity to take stock and consider your personal and professional goals. During the programme you will explore your future in a practical way, learn how to develop your potential and set challenging goals.

Key areas covered include communication skills, assertiveness, self confidence, improving your work/life balance and developing positive skills and attitude. If you want to progress and develop, then this programme is for you. The programme comprises four days over a three-month period and a workbook to be completed between sessions.


Breaking the Silence Training: Where do you draw the line?

‘Where do you draw the line?’ is 90 minute session that is delivered to an individual departments with the support of the Head of Department. The training was rolled out to the University from January 2018 onwards. The training offers individual departments the opportunity to undertake a collective analysis of the individual and contextual factors that might create and perpetuate a work environment in which harassment and bullying occur and empower participants to work collaboratively to address this. The training is delivered in a safe and supportive environment and is offered to all University staff members. The participation of a range of staff groups in the training is encouraged. 



SPACE: Supporting Parents and Carers @ Cambridge Network

SPACE offers termly events, support and information for members of the University with caring responsibilities for children or other dependents.


Women's Staff Network and Groups

The Equality & Diversity section is working closely with women at all levels of the University to develop a clear strategy to raise concerns and progress the University's gender objectives through the Women's Staff Network (WSN). The WSN seeks to provide a programme of events annually that both support and engage all women across the University. For more information about upcoming events please visit the E&D Events page.

There are other networks, groups and initiatives that work to progress gender equality or advocate for women’s rights. These groups include: