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Inclusive Cambridge: promoting gender equality


We remain aware that our gender pay gap is rooted in the underrepresentation of women in senior roles, as well as the overrepresentation of women in lower paid roles. The actions and initiatives detailed in this report aim to further shrink our gender pay gap and address the imbalances. They stem from a clear commitment to our values of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Both our median and mean pay gaps have reduced since the previous report of 2018, as have our bonus gap figures. We are on track to achieve our target of a 25% reduction in the gender pay gap by 2022. We committed to this in our Athena SWAN application in 2018. 

This is the third mandatory gender pay gap report to be published. We are making steady progress towards our goal of eliminating the gender pay gap. We recognise that progress has been slow so far, but it is also gathering momentum. We will achieve our aims.

Professor Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor